About Us

The Troup Baptist Association is comprised of fifty-one Southern Baptist Churches in Troup, Heard, Harris, and Meriwether counties, Georgia who are committed to worshiping and serving Jesus Christ.

As an Association we join with like-minded Churches and Christians in spreading the gospel in our county, state, country, and around the world. We subscribe to the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 Edition.  (To read The Baptist Faith and Message:
click here.)

Our Mission is:  To involve churches in a cooperative fellowship and to be a Spiritual and educational resource to pastors, staff, and churches as they seek to fulfill the Great Commission.

Our Vision is:  To strengthen relationships among church leaders and congregations, promote and coordinate specific ministry and training opportunities, stimulate mission projects, birth new churches as needed, and establish an aftercare program for mission churches.

Christ reached out to people of all ages and backgrounds, and the churches of Troup Baptist Association are striving to do the same.  That’s why you’ll discover ministries in our churches geared to various life stages and needs. That’s why we have a place for everyone to study the Scriptures, fellowship together, and minister to others through numerous service opportunities.

If your travel plans ever bring you to one of the three cities in Troup County, (LaGrange, West Point, or Hogansville,) then we hope that you will choose to worship with one of the fifty-one Southern Baptist congregations in our Association.  A complete listing of churches is available elsewhere on this Web Site, or you may call the Troup Baptist Association at: 706-884-1975 for the name of a church near you.

We want you to be a part of the blessings of God in the churches of our Association.  We’ll bring you updates often on what’s happening throughout the Troup Baptist Association and share the stories of how Christ is making a difference in people’s lives..