Benevolent Christian Counseling Ministry

The Troup Baptist Association offers to all the members of our associated churches a Benevolent Christian Counseling Ministry.

This ministry is made available by grants received from the Georgia Baptist Convention Medical Foundation and donations from our churches.

Our counselors are fully licensed by the State, but more importantly, they are Christians and counsel from a Christian world view.

To participate in this ministry a person must be recommended by their pastor or the association office.  To learn more, please speak with your pastor or the association office.

While this ministry is benevolent in nature, and if necessary, can be provided to the participant at no costs, please note that the counselors will explore any sources of revenue available from the participant, such as insurance, etc…, and in most cases, they do like for the participant to have some monetary investment, even if only $5-$10 per session.  However, if the client has no means to pay, the association absorbs the cost of the counseling.

Once the counseling sessions start, the number of sessions are determined by the counselor and all communications between the counselor and the client are confidential.

Again, to learn more about this Benevolent Christian Counseling Ministry, contact your pastor or the Troup Baptist Association at: 706-884-1975 or