Special Training Available Through the Association

Through the years Associational Missionary, Rev. Aaron McCollough, has developed several seminars, workshops, and training sessions for churches.  Should you desire, he would be glad to work with you & your church to come and present any of these seminars/workshops/training sessions. This training is made available to associational churches at either no cost, or a simple cost recovery basis for materials used.  Also, if you have a need that is not listed below, please contact Rev. McCollough and he will be glad to develop a session to meet your specific need or desire.  If your request exceeds his expertise, he will bring in a specialist from the Georgia Baptist Convention to facilitate the training.

*Note:  Rev. McCollough has recently developed a five-session training/workshop on Church Revitalization.  Ideally, this five session training is conducted in groups of no more than ten people from five different churches.  This consists of the pastor and a key lay leader from each church.  However, it can be taught in individual churches.  Please contact the association office if you would like to take advantage of this training!

1: Pastor Search Committee Training:
  • Teaches the Pastor Search Committee how to effectively go through the process of seeking and finding the next pastor for their church
  • Contains practical “do’s” & “dont’s” for the committee
2: The Deacon Family Ministry Plan:
  • Teaches the fundamentals of how to establish and implement the Deacon Family Ministry.
  • The Deacon Family Ministry insures that in addition to the pastor/pastoral staff, every member of the church has a Family Deacon who will also provide pastoral care.
3:  Usher & Greeter Training:
  • An in-depth workshop detailing the duties of an usher and a greeter. 
  • These are arguably two of the most critical, yet neglected, ministries in the church.
4: Basic Church 101:
  • This is an in-depth training that literally does as the title suggests. 
  • It provides a basis for organizing and implementing the basic tenants and practices of “doing church.” 
  • This training covers everything from the constitution & bylaws of a church to how to organize a worship service, and everything between.
5: Sunday School Training:
  • On-site Sunday School training tailored to your church needs
6: Denominational Training:

     1. Everything You Ever Wanted to know About the Southern Baptist Convention, Georgia Baptist Convention, and the Troup Baptist Association, but Was Afraid to Ask. 

  •           Answers the question: What is the Southern Baptist Convention, Georgia Baptist Convention, and the Troup Baptist Association?

     2. The Baptist Faith & Message 2000 Edition:

  •           An in-depth training on our doctrinal statement.  In other words, what we believe as Southern Baptists.
7:  Leadership:
  • Designed for leaders or emerging leaders within the church. 
  • Lessons include but are not limited to:
  1. Leadership Lessons from the Pig Pen
  2. The Fundamentals of Spiritual Warfare
  3. And more

 8: Church Strategic Planning Process:

Work with the Church Leadership Team to:
  1. Identify Core Values of the church
  2. Develop a Mission Statement
  3. Develop a Vision Statement
  4. Implement the Mission & Vision Statements
9: Altar Counselor Training:
  • Trains people how to minister at the altar during the altar call portion of the worship service.
This includes:
  1. How to lead someone to faith in Christ
  2. How to lead someone in rededicating their life to Christ
  3. Appropriate attire for an altar ministry worker
  4. How to follow the pastor’s lead during an altar call
  5. Do’s & don’t’s
10:  Revival Preparation:
  • Teaches a process where 6-8 weeks before the revival, the church selects 8-10 team captains, who will recruit their own teams, with the purpose of involving every member of the church in the preparation process for the upcoming revival. 
  • Some of the teams include: Prayer, publicity, promotion, & social media,  outreach, counselors,  youth, etc…
If you would like to take advantage of any or all of these training sessions, seminars, workshops, or would like for Rev. McCollough to develop a specific training for your church that is not listed here, just let us know.